Is your child struggling with reading or math?

Our tutorial plans offer a great value for children in need of extra help.


The Kirkwood Reading Series consists of 42 reading books, as well as 12 additional books specifically designed for progressive use in a small reading group or with parents. Stories written by over 50 authors teach and reinforce spiritual values, work ethics, as well as ethical standards of behavior. Children will be asked to answer comprehension questions at the conclusion of each story. Answers are written in their reading book and then entered on the computer and stored in the student's database. Comprehension levels of all subjects are available for parents.

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We currently have seven progressive math books which cover a wide range of elementary grade level mathematical concepts. Video and interactive lessons teach each concept before work pages are assigned. All answers are first written in the student's work book, and then entered on the computer for scoring.

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Our Tutorial Plans

These plans are limited to one subject per student, but are offered at a discounted rate.

Monthly Plan
Single subject for one student
Family Tutorial Monthly Plan
One subject per student
* All workbooks are included at no extra cost in the form of a PDF download, and may also be purchased in our bookstore with free shipping.

Does your child need help in more than one subject?

Our regular plans give you access to our entire program, which can be used for tutorial in any subjects you may need.
See our Tuition page for more information about our pricing and plans.

All plans include:

  Video instruction

  Interactive Lessons

  Free PDF download of color workbooks

  Student placement assessment

  Weekly achievement awards

  Achievement and comprehension report

  Character development

  Comprehension level testing

  Diagnostic-perscriptive mastery level component

  Computerized management system

  Student records in real-time

  Technical support and monitoring

  Individual counseling upon request

  Parent educational resources

  Optional monthly newsletter

We guarantee your satisfaction.

A full refund of your tuition will be granted upon request within 14 days of payment.