Student Academic Records

Parents have full access to their child’s academic achievement records, which are updated in real time. Student assignments are automatically scored within the program, although some lessons at the Prefoundational and Foundational Skills level require parents to visually assess student mastery.

Student summaries show each subject with the amount of work units completed, along with comprehension and mastery levels. The student's current character level and goal is also displayed, along with the number of computer labs completed, total number of work units earned, and the average number of work units earned per computer lab.

Date ranges can be defined by 1 week, 4 weeks, 8 weeks, 12 weeks, or for all time, which is the history from the time the child entered the program. Viewing student summary over the past 8 weeks is especially helpful because a student’s character level can be raised after 8 weeks.

Parents can see, at a glance, how well their child is doing in each subject, and easily identify any areas where the child may need extra help. Clicking on the name of a subject will display a detailed record of each assignment, including date of completion, score, and mastery level. Student records provide an overview of growth, character level advancement, and mastery level over time. Our program is diagnostic and prescriptive, enabling parents to work on the cutting edge of their child’s academic achievement.

There is no need for parents to score or grade assignments. Automatic scoring of student assignments gives parents a complete report of student achievement and mastery levels, while providing the student with immediate feedback.