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Pre-foundational Skills

Our series of Learning Words work books make up what we call our Pre-foundational Skills curriculum. Typically for children ages 2-3, this series of five books is a great introduction to our program. Students are taught verbal skills, how to hold a pencil properly, and given basic matching exercises as well as manipulatives such as puzzles and blocks. Our Self-esteem Component begins in these work books, which focuses on building strong character and fostering spiritual growth.

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Foundational Skills

Our Foundational Skills curriculum includes: Learning Numbers 1-5, Learning Numbers 6-10, Learning Numbers 1-10, Learning Capital Letters, Learning Lower Case Letters, and Learning Letter Sounds. Additionally students will: practice naming each number or letter, learn to print using proper direction and stroke sequence, learn to type and enter their answers on a computer, learn quantitative identification through matching and counting, learn how to place letters in alphabetical order, and practice concrete operations with building blocks and/or legos.

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Need elementary level curriculum?

Our plans give you access to our entire program, including both preschool and elementary coarsework.
See our Curriculum & Sample Lessons page for an overview of all of the curriculum we offer.

Plans & Pricing

Individual Student Monthly Plan

Small Family Monthly Plan
2-3 Students
Large Family Monthly Plan
4 or more students
* All workbooks are included at no extra cost in the form of a PDF download, and may also be purchased in our bookstore with free shipping.

All plans include:

  Video instruction

  Interactive Lessons

  Free PDF download of color workbooks

  Student placement assessment

  Weekly achievement awards

  Achievement and comprehension report

  Character development

  Comprehension level testing

  Diagnostic-prescriptive mastery level component

  Computerized management system

  Student records in real-time

  Technical support and monitoring

  Individual counseling upon request

  Parent educational resources

  Optional monthly newsletter

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