Time With My Parent

The Kirkwood Educational Program is designed to equip homeschool parents with the time and structured opportunity to enable each student to not only grow in the character traits of success, but also in Christ-like character of love and desire to make this a better world.

Time With My Parent is the daily one-on-one time that the parent has with their child, and is a critical component of the program. The duration of this one-on-one time is approximately five to ten minutes. Much of the growth through each character level and along all seven character development continuums occurs as a result of the guidance, counseling and interaction with the parent.

There are three primary objectives in the Time With My Parent: First and most important is spiritual growth and development. If the Lord has put something in the heart of the parent that would minister to the spiritual needs of the child, there would not be any better use of the time.

The second objective is to meet the social and emotional needs of the student. If the parent has observed something that may help the student with his or her emotional and social growth, it is important to provide wisdom and counsel. The parent has been down the pathway of life and has experienced successes and failures. The wisdom gained as a result of experience could help a child, which makes this valuable time spent.

The third objective in Time With My Parent is academic growth. Kirkwood Education Online enables the parent to pinpoint the child’s progress toward mastery of each curriculum subject. The automated management system defines for the parent the cutting edge for each drill to assure concept mastery. Student mastery is tracked through the program and is further verified during Time With My Parent. When mastery is not demonstrated, the parent is able to provide one-on-one instruction targeted at the point of need.

Love, praise, and validation tied directly to concept mastery is critical. The program truly enables loving and competent parents to foster growth on all levels to the child God has entrusted to them.