How to use online learning in your preschool

You’ve decided to homeschool, but now your child has gotten older, and you’re wondering how you’re going to teach them. This is so often a worry of new homeschooling parents.

What should I teach them?

How should I teach them?

Am I even capable of teaching my child?

Relax. The decision to homeschool does not require you to have the next 12+ years planned and purchased. You’re free to try new ideas and curriculum. It’s okay to experiment and find what works best for your child.

However, at the beginning of your homeschool journey, it is beneficial to try things and see what works for your child and you. Online learning can be a valuable addition to your homeschool, even for your preschooler.

So how do online resources make preschool education at home a little easier?

Reduces Decision Fatigue for the Parent

Decision fatigue for the homeschool parent is very real. You decide what you and your children will be doing and learning every day. The overthinking can become exhausting.

Parents can also feel as if they have no idea what their child should be learning and worry they are making the wrong decisions. It only takes a few minutes on the internet to become overwhelmed with all the choices and feel like a failure because you don’t feel as if you’re doing it right like all the bloggers you see.

However, by utilizing an online preschool curriculum, you can take a deep breath and not be overwhelmed by all the noise that exists in the online world. Having a program designed explicitly to homeschool preschool will allow you to turn off the noise in your head and add some peace to your day.

Foster Independence in Learning with an Online Preschool Curriculum

A goal of any homeschool is to create independent learners. This is especially true in our fast-paced, rapidly changing world. It isn’t possible to teach our children every skill they will need in life, so the better choice is to provide them with the necessary tools to become self-educators.

Using an online preschool program will allow them to start building their ability to learn and find needed information on their own. They discover they have control over their education, which can be fun and powerful.

The Homeschooling Parent Gains Some Time

Another benefit of online preschool education for the homeschool family is the wise use of time it brings. Doing it all as a homeschool parent is a neverending struggle. We often feel as if there aren’t enough hours in the day, and we often find that there aren’t.

Utilizing an online program for our preschooler can give us that time needed to care for the newborn or help our older child with a difficult math concept.

We can’t do everything all at once, so using online resource can give us that needed time buffer in our day that will enable us to make homeschooling a success.

We Get a Break From Being Parent and Teacher

It can be tough being both parent and teacher day after day. We tend to fall more into one role or the other. When we are so focused on being our child’s teacher, we often forget the joy to be had in parenting.

When we allow some support in the teaching department through an online program, we enable ourselves to step back from the teacher role and have a little fun.

Instead of spending our evening hours creating lesson plans, we can watch a family movie or read aloud. Rather than catching up on all the laundry and housework every afternoon, we can take that field trip to the zoo.

It’s tough to be all things at all times, and an online homeschool program gives us a break from that constant demand.

Online Preschool Curriculum Can Make Homeschooling Easier

Homeschooling is a tough job, but we feel called to take up this journey. It’s essential that we find ways to make it a success for both our children and ourselves.

By utilizing an online preschool curriculum, we decrease our stress as a homeschooling parent while also increasing our child’s independence. This makes it an easy win-win homeschool decision.

How to use online learning in your preschool

How to Easily Use Online Learning as a Part of a Preschool Education

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