How Homeschooling Gives You the Time to Teach HIS Truth

Instilling Biblical Values in Children by Homeschooling

Many families decide to homeschool for many reasons. Perhaps it’s a learning difference that makes school ill-suited for their child. For others, it can be demanding work schedules for one of the parents, which makes homeschooling a better option for family well-being. But for many, it’s the opportunity to live a life of faith and the opportunity to raise and educate their children with Biblical values.

For families wishing to raise their children in the Christian faith, a public school can often be an area where they have the most concerns. It frequently seems schools are more focused on indoctrinating children in their secular belief system than in providing the basics of literacy.

However, at some point, many families decide they would rather take on the responsibility of educating their children at home than forfeit their beliefs and primary role in their children’s lives.

Homeschooling provides the opportunity to live out our faith in a manner which enables the formation of biblical values in our families.

Homeschooling Allows Us to Live our Faith Every Day

Time and again, public schools have come under scrutiny for prayers at events or how Christmas is celebrated. Living in the public school world often relegates discussions of faith and morals for our children to Sundays and after school hours.

As homeschoolers, we are free to teach religion and the Bible, we can infuse Biblical values into discussions of science and politics, and we are free to make serving others a priority in our daily lives. This freedom allows us to truly live a Christian life in all that we do every day.

Homeschooling Allows Us the Study Our Faith Every Day

In addition to living out our faith every day, we are also able to study and immerse ourselves in our faith and the Bible every day. No longer do we only do Bible study on Sunday, and we can do it every day.

Our current culture defines faith only as something that describes how you spend your Sunday, but it’s so much more than that. However, the demands and dictates of public schooling often leave little time for a more in-depth study of our faith.

Unfortunately, our culture also places a high value on academic learning, but very little on spiritual or moral growth. When we homeschool, teaching our children God’s truth and forming their character is important, even more critical than AP Physics.

Homeschooling Allows Us to Love God Every Day

In the Book of Matthew, Jesus says, “Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these.”

When we homeschool, we are encouraging our children to come to Jesus each day and to love him. They aren’t hindered but inspired to live a life of faith and love.

Of all the benefits of homeschooling, this may be the greatest, because it is through this childlike love that our children will hear God’s truth and homeschooling allows us to provide this nurturing environment.

Homeschooling Contributes to Instilling Biblical Values

Homeschooling gives us the time to live our faith, study our faith, and cultivate an atmosphere of love for God, which all benefits our goal of instilling Biblical values in our children’s lives.

Yes, many parents achieve this even with children who attend schools, but it can be exhausting to swim against the current of our secular society continually. However, homeschooling has so many additional benefits, why would we choose that fight?

God entrusted us with our children and chose us as their parents, enabling us to make good decisions and raise them to know and love Him. It is a significant responsibility, but one in which he finds us worthy and capable.

When laboring to instill Biblical values in our children, choosing the path of homeschooling will help guide and enable us to live a life of faith alongside our children every day. What great opportunity is there?

How Homeschooling Gives You the Time to Teach HIS Truth | Instilling Biblical Values in Children by Homeschooling

How Homeschooling Gives You the Time to Teach HIS Truth

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