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We are introducing a new informative podcast on Homeschooling tips for families with special needs children. On this very first episode, we learn about our hosts, Dr. Kirkwood and Alena Strickland and get some introductory information for parents with special needs kids who are looking into homeschooling, and why homeschooling works best for children with special needs.

Alena is full of information to share with homeschooling parents. Having been a foster mom to over 200 kids (many of them with disabilities), she had to navigate the educational system and fight to make sure the educational needs of her children were met only to find that homeschooling was the best answer. Her experience with homeschooling, with nurturing children with special needs, and in finding educational resources make her a true homeschool veteran.

Basics of Homeschooling Children with Special Needs

This covers ways of accommodating special needs children.  Funding, government resources, groups, and how to access educational resources for your kids. Ways you can still plug into some of the public school resources while still doing homeschooling.

We also talk about the function of IEPs (Individualized Educational Plans generated through a child’s public school) and SEPs (the equivalent of IEPs, but for homeschooled children).

Do you have any questions? Let us know through your comments or email Alena directly at [email protected]

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Homeschooling children with special needs – Podcast 01

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